What is it?

Verified Leads

Verified Leads is a buyer evaluation service that helps you prioritize leads and send optimal quotations in the minimum of time. Our multilingual team calls buyers within 3 hours of each quotation request*. After fully defining their projects, you receive a report enabling you to identify the sales potential and send a perfectly adapted quotation.

*Requests for Personalized Quotations only.


Why use Verified Leads?

Sending personalized quotations rapidly is key to making sales. It requires identifying the buyer’s needs in their language and as soon as the request arrives. If you lack the resources, Verified Leads will give you that edge.


Can I adapt Verified Leads to my products?​​​


Getting Started

Verify if our preset questionnaire enables you to draft fully personalized quotations and for all of your products. If not, consider modifying up to 5 questions in English.

Your account manager will be able to advise you and send you a personalized quotation.